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Madoff Victim Fund

Notes to MVF


The Madoff Victim Fund strives to reach all the victims of the Madoff fraud. Send us a note if you would like to share your views.

“I’m writing to THANK each and everyone of you for the incredible work you’re doing to help us victims…we’ve been trying to get someone to understand that we, and people like us, were completely left out of the system. Our funds were stolen too, yet the only people that seemed to be cared about, and taken care of, is the BLMIS direct customers.” M.V.

United States

“I have just been informed about the approval of my claim through the Final Determination Notice you sent me. I want to express my gratitude to the team at Madoff Victim Fund, for the beautiful job they did and for their dedication and effectiveness accomplishing such a difficult task.” F.B.


“I would like to thank all at the Madoff Victim Fund for all the time and energy put into this endeavor. I especially want to thank John. He has patiently assisted me on the phone on numerous occasions. He is kind and knowledgeable. He has made this difficult task a lot easier.” J.G.

United States

“I am very happy to learn that our petition has been approved. I wish to thank you, very much, for all your great efforts in helping us to recover at least some of our moneys. We really appreciate it. Thank you.” A.M.


“Nous venons de recevoir notre indemnité de 25% de notre perte “Madoff”. Merci beaucoup pour vos démarches, c’est un vrai cadeau de Noël! Honneur à votre pays qui défend l’intérêt des individus, je déplore que mon propre pays soit beaucoup moins remarquable dans ce domaine. Merci encore mille fois ne serait-ce que pour le principe au-delà de la somme d’argent. C’est le triomphe de la probité sur les escrocs.” Madoff Victim


“Today I received the reimbursement check. I would like to thank all of you for what has been done. If all states worked like the US , the world would probably be better.” Madoff Victim


“Your commitment to righting this horrific injustice makes me have faith again in our judicial system and humanity. I’d love nothing more than to thank each and every one of you in person. Please know you are making an enormous difference in so many people’s lives.” J.L. 


“After 10 years of struggles and pain you gave me the chance to live again. . . . I would like to Thank You . . . for the efforts you have been putting together all these years in recovering what was stolen and bringing back true justice to its rightful owners.” O.M. 


“Thanks so much for caring about us, and all the other victims. . . I honestly had gotten to the point that I didn’t think anyone cared about us at all; but your kindness, and caring, is beyond any expectations.”  M.V.D. 

United States

“It’s great to see how U.S. Justice is able to manage the compensation on a global scale, here us being in Germany. Next to efficient communication via electronic media, it builds trust how customer in the financial markets are protected by U.S. government.” R.S. 


“I just wanted to thank you, your organization, your laws, your public servants and in general your country, for all the time, dedication and determination in trying to recover value for investors involved in the Madoff scam worldwide, regardless their nationality, creed and origin. Pursuing justice, domestically and abroad is one of the things that make your country great. You all should be very proud of it.”  J.P.R.