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Madoff Victim Fund

Fraud Alert

February 2, 2015


The Madoff Victim Fund has been alerted to an apparent scam targeting claimants of the Madoff Victim Fund. The scammers are contacting Madoff victims via email, informing the victims they are next in line for compensation from an asset forfeiture distribution program other than the Madoff Victim Fund. Please note that there is no comparable Department of Justice asset forfeiture program for Madoff victims other than the Madoff Victim Fund, and the claim filing window for the Madoff Victim Fund has closed.

This is likely a tactic to obtain the personal information of Madoff victims. These notices generally require immediate action on the part of the victim (i.e., completion of various forms and transmission of your personal information) or else you forfeit any recoveries due to you. Please note that the Madoff Victim Fund has not published the identities of its claimants, and would not contact victims in this manner to solicit a claim or to notify a victim of an impending distribution.

Please be vigilant in guarding against these practices, and do not provide any personal information in response to an inquiry (mail, email or telephone) if you have any questions regarding the authenticity or legitimacy of the inquiry.