Which claim form should I use?

Please read the supplemental Claim Filing FAQs for more information.
Form IND Claim form for Indirect Investors. Use this form if you invested your own money through a feeder fund or with an investment partnership, family trust, investment company, managed fund of a bank or some other type of entity that in turn invested in Madoff Securities.
Form PV Claim form for Pooled Vehicles. Use this form if you invested someone else's money (possibly through various intermediaries) in Madoff Securities. To facilitate the administrative process of documenting losses, pooled vehicles or "conduits" will be allowed to submit claims on behalf of their underlying investors. However, such an application does not change the fact that it is the investor, not the investment fund, who is the victim.
Form DIR Claim form for Direct Investors. Use this form if you invested your own money directly in a Madoff Securities account held in your name and tax identification number. This form will be sent in prepopulated form to all holders of allowed and unsatisfied claims in the bankruptcy. If third party claims were filed against the account and denied by the bankruptcy Trustee, the account is considered to be a pooled vehicle investing someone else's money and you will not receive a prepopulated Form DIR. Form DIR should be used to file a claim for your own investment only.

For any questions regarding your petitioner status, the eligibility requirements or
the claims process, please email our customer service representatives.

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