Indirect Investors in Madoff Securities

Who is an Indirect Investor?

As described in the below Form IND, an indirect investor is a person or entity who invested funds in a pooled investment vehicle that, in turn, transferred some or all of the funds to a Madoff Securities account. For purposes of MVF, the person or entity that was the ultimate source of the funds invested in Madoff Securities is the eligible victim, meaning the person who took funds out of any of their other assets and invested them with Madoff Securities.

Click above to obtain a Form IND
to be completed by Indirect Investors.

January 10, 2014 - We have updated Form IND to clarify placement of information.
Feel free to continue to use the initial version, or the updated Form above.

Mail completed claim forms to: Madoff Victim Fund, PO Box 6310, Syracuse NY 13217

For any questions regarding your petitioner status, the eligibility requirements or
the claims process, please email our customer service representatives.


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