Direct Investors in Madoff Securities

Who is a Direct Investor?

A direct investor is a person or entity that maintained an account at Madoff Securities in his/her/its own name and tax identification number. A direct investor may submit a claim to MVF only for deposits of his/her/its OWN funds in the account - not investments made on behalf of any person or entity that was not a Madoff Securities accountholder.

Do I need to file now?

No. MVF will send a "prepopulated" Form DIR to each person with an allowed bankruptcy claim and unrecovered losses. If your Madoff Securities account consisted entirely of your own assets and you did not aggregate and invest money you received from others, or invest money for the benefit of others, then you may use the "prepopulated" petition form.

If you did not file a claim in the bankruptcy proceeding, but are a direct investor as described above, click the link below to obtain a claim form.

Click above to obtain a Form DIR
to be completed by Direct Investors.

Mail completed claim forms to: Madoff Victim Fund, PO Box 6310, Syracuse NY 13217

For any questions regarding your petitioner status, the eligibility requirements or
the claims process, please email our customer service representatives.


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